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Duplex Builders


At LTD Developments we are custom duplex builders in Melbourne that have been helping clients design and build quality duplexes at affordable prices for over 10 years. Our family friendly business will work with you every step of the way to ensure you will be the proud owner of a new home or investment.

Whether you’re planning to knock-down and start again on an established property or bring a unique look to a new block of land, at LTD Developments we are specialist duplex builders Melbourne and have been providing custom design and construction solutions for many years.

With our years of experience the expert team of duplex builders Melbourne at LTD Developments have been working with property owners and developers designing and constructing duplexes to suit the specialised needs of their sites and their future purchasers.

At LTD Developments we have developed a strong understanding of the expectations for a diverse range of clients and what it takes to successfully build a duplex to requirements as well as on time and on budget.

As leading duplex builders in Melbourne, we are highly regarded within the industry and renowned for the quality of the duplexes we design and build. At LTD Developments we offer you:

  • A free consultation, to help you create the perfect duplex for your needs and lifestyle
  • Fixed prices, allowing you complete control over the project
  • Fixed completion times, giving you peace of mind
  • 3 month defect period and 6-year compulsory structural warranty on construction


Our duplex builders in Melbourne possess expertise in constructing custom duplexes to suit their client’s requirements and it’s a job we do well.

Developing a property with two or more homes is a completely different scenario than building one house on one lot. It is difficult to take one standard design and duplicate it for many sites when it comes to duplex developments.

We embrace this challenge and look at this as an exciting opportunity to develop a custom solution which is specific to your property rather than a one size fits all approach that the large volume type builders will try to adopt.

We therefore custom design a project for your site by combining your requirements and ideas with the feedback from our planners. Our ultimate aim is to provide a tailored custom solution at a competitive price.


At LTD Developments we pride ourselves on being one of the leading and best duplex builders in Melbourne, we never give anything less than our best. Be it preparation, design or construction – we excel at it all.

Our team at LTD Developments believes that your development is a testament to your lifestyle and personal taste, our Melbourne duplex builders keep this in mind during the entire process.

Whether it be your design or ours we can help you work through the whole process from start to finish including council permits. There can be numerous infrastructure requirements/levies and other misc items that will need to be sorted before building and we can assist you with this.

Duplex developments can be a stressful lengthy council pre-site process so it is key to have the right professionals advising you, this could be the difference between a short timeframe or perhaps years.

Once council has approved the development, the building of your duplex is a skill in itself, the tight blocks / small build areas takes specialist scheduling and coordination to ensure timeframes don’t amount to excessive days over the contracted days.

Our expert team at LTD Developments are experienced and reliable duplex builders Melbourne that understand the entire process of constructing a duplex and we ensure the end product exceeds your expectations in ease of operation and quality.


At LTD Developments we only work with a leading team of duplex designers, architects and stylists to ensure your home meets your requirements to perfection. We are proud to offer bespoke custom duplex designs Melbourne that are customised to suit your needs.

While designing a duplex, it is important to use all of one’s creativity. Since a duplex is a semi-sharing accommodation, it is also important to take into consideration the coexistence of two different sets of residents. The two units should be constructed to function in harmony with each other.

Our custom duplex designs Melbourne at LTD Developments focus on architectural design that challenges the idea of a contemporary home. As a result, we are experts at blending individuality with modern home design, to ensure your new home is as unique as you.

Modern duplex design does not have to be cold and uninviting. Your new duplex will be warm and inviting with our iconic blend of clean lines and natural materials.

Our duplex builders in Melbourne at LTD Developments aim to deliver custom built duplexes that are both luxurious and functional. And we will always do so working to your budget, as a result we guarantee no nasty surprises at the end of your build.


Multiple properties on a single plot of land will typically strengthen your equity. Creating subdivisions and constructing multiple low upkeep residences uncovers a wide range of money-making possibilities including:

  • Renting each property out to enjoy multiple income streams
  • Sell each property outright for a significant lump sum return
  • Live in one property and sell the other
  • Live in one property and rent the other out to help pay off your mortgage sooner

Duplexes are trending in the booming Melbourne market and for good reason. Duplex developments are appealing to downsizers, investors and those wanting to maximise the value of their land.

Perhaps you have considered developing with a family member or friend? Or you might wish to live in one home and continue to enjoy all the amenity of the area you live in, whilst having the option to sell or rent the other home.

For investors, knocking down a single dwelling on one block and rebuilding two homes via a duplex means you outlay costs for one block of land but sell two houses, doubling your potential profits.

Whatever your reasoning or investment goals, the expert duplex builders in Melbourne at LTD Developments will allow you to create the perfect custom duplex development that will not compromise on design.


In the current Melbourne housing market it is a great time to build a duplex site and as duplex builders in Melbourne we believe it is a great investment. Some of the benefits to build a duplex includes the following:

  • Strong Value Growth – duplexes are stable investments. They can produce strong value growth with high rental yields over time, allowing you to earn more money compared to standard residential properties.
  • Great for Beginners – those who are looking to increase their net worth by investing in real estate can start by building a duplex. The cost of building a duplex is significantly lower compared to a house, which makes it less of a risk.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – due to the smaller size of duplexes, they often come with low maintenance costs. Some duplexes also don’t have yards or more modest exteriors, which means less money invested in the landscaping.
  • Affordable – those who want to own a home but are on a tight budget can build a duplex as a more affordable option compared to building a house. Duplexes cost less compared to houses due to their smaller size.
  • Rental Income – duplexes are great investments because they can be rented out to a tenant or family member. The earnings can supplement the owner’s income. They can also be used to pay off the mortgage as the property increases in value and is sold for a higher amount in the coming years.

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